Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet Dreams are Made of Brie

This weekend Anna and I celebrated 10 years of friendship by doing something we've been wanting to do for about 4 years, we went to the Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma, CA.

We stayed at the Hotel Petaluma, that is currently being remodeled, ate at wonderful Della Fattoria for 2 meals, shopped at Copperfield's Books and the Knitterly, and had amazing food Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

The Artisan Cheese Festival is just amazing. There is wine, cider, beer, cheeses that are to die for, there were these pickles I tried that I knew I needed as soon as they touched my lips. I had my wallet out before I finished chewing a couple of things.

This was the amazing view from the room

Anna and I got a pack of 100 literary postcards and split them

Anna isn't a morning person so I grabbed coffee and toast at
 Della Fattoria while waiting for her to rise

The things that I knew I needed and couldn't live without

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