Thursday, April 14, 2016

Running Running!

So marathon training has started!

I feel tired just typing that. I've run about a dozen half marathons in my life and this year I'm going to run a full marathon, and then be happy I did it, but never do it again. I always said someday I'd run a marathon, and as I'm turning 30 next year I'm pretty determined to just get it done now.

To prepare I've got my easy schedule reference that is tucked into my wallet with my debit card so that every time I buy something I see it and am reminded to see what I'm supposed to be doing that day:


I've got a kick ass angry chick playlist to make me want to hit the pavement and kick it's ass!

And lastly I have a cause to run for! Women IN Kenya walk about 10 miles per day to collect water for her and her family. Think of that. The AHA recommends you walk 5 miles per day, and most Americans aren't reaching that goal. How would you do in a 10 mile walk while carrying gallons of water? Where would you even find the time? Help women in Kenya by donating to MamaMaji today and helping me reach my first goal of $2,500 by the time I run the Portland Marathon on October 9th. My ultimate goal is to raise $5,000, but all goals, like a marathon, are made up of smaller goals and steps.