Friday, January 29, 2016

A Hat

I'm knitting a hat. I started on Tuesday night and was reading the poorly scanned pattern on my phone (computer was too far away and I was using my nook to watch Netflix).

The pattern is one that I found while looking for a hat to match the fair isle sweater I'd just completed. I wanted something that matched, had some leftover balls of Pioneer (which is a rather nice but expensive yarn), and decided that no pattern but this one would do.

The Katie Beret is a lovely fair isle pattern that reminds me of golfing in the 1920's. The colorful fair isle sweaters were made popular by then playboy Prince Edward VIII.

There were a few problems that I ran into however when I decided to knit the hat.

First was getting a hold of the pattern that was published in 2009. It's currently supposed to be available online, but the website had been redone and I hit a deadend there. Rather then give up on the hat I began to message people that had knit the pattern and asked them for a copy of it, explaining that the website no longer had it posted. More then a few got up in arms over copyright issues (and a couple of them also proved that they hadn't read my message fully when they told me to go find it on the website), but one blessed person understood the problem and got me the pattern within a couple days.

The lovely Althea from Australia copied and emailed me a scan of the page from her magazine. I was off to the races now right? Wrong.

The pattern is blurry and hard to read, also after knitting the ribbed band I found out that the hat is knit flat and then seamed up the back. Think about this.

Fair Isle
Seamed up the back

Who does this designer think she it? Who does fair isle flat? Why knit a tam flat? This is insane.

With all this running through my head I'm knitting it in the round and we'll see if I have a had come Monday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A First Post

I've had a couple first post for some blogs that I quickly lost interest in , but now that I'm on an even keel I want to start up blogging regularly.

Why do I want to blog? Well here 5 reasons:

1. I have things to say and sometimes no one to say them to. Sure I could turn towards Ben and ask him what he thinks about the differences between my cast iron pan and my crepe pan when it comes to nonstick, but he wouldn't respond.

2. I'm busy and writing is an outlet for those wandering thoughts.

3. I have interests! Running, baking, knitting, cleaning to name a few. Wow now I just sound boring.

4. Interesting hobbies are Larping, traveling, hiking, and food adventures!

5. I learn something everyday and realize that others might also not know something and feel like spreading this knowledge!

Though in all reality this blog will be all over the place topicwise.