Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A First Post

I've had a couple first post for some blogs that I quickly lost interest in , but now that I'm on an even keel I want to start up blogging regularly.

Why do I want to blog? Well here 5 reasons:

1. I have things to say and sometimes no one to say them to. Sure I could turn towards Ben and ask him what he thinks about the differences between my cast iron pan and my crepe pan when it comes to nonstick, but he wouldn't respond.

2. I'm busy and writing is an outlet for those wandering thoughts.

3. I have interests! Running, baking, knitting, cleaning to name a few. Wow now I just sound boring.

4. Interesting hobbies are Larping, traveling, hiking, and food adventures!

5. I learn something everyday and realize that others might also not know something and feel like spreading this knowledge!

Though in all reality this blog will be all over the place topicwise.

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